Monday, July 21, 2008

Pass the Gin, please, Father

On Sunday afternoon our oldest son, Allan, who is a builder, painter and decorator, came to do some work on the Presbytery. Of course Kerry and the children came too, and while Allan was glossing the hallway, our two year old grandson, Elliott, knocked over a whole tin of white gloss onto the carpet - which was fitted only last autumn.

But that was only the start of the trauma.

How could we get the paint out? Most was scooped up with a brush and some wallpaper, but what about that which had soaked into the carpet? Hot water and detergent? But this is gloss - the detergent won't get it all out. Pour turpentine onto the stain? No, Allan said, this will destroy the underlay.

So, Shirley, Allan and Kerry start to scrub away at the flour with washing up liquid and water while I take a few photos (obviously not distressed enough for their liking)

So Kerry decides to consult Jeeves. What does he say? Off she went into the parish office to the Internet.

Use Gin. About a litre and a half.

At this point, in some distress, I left the house to say Mass in a neighbouring parish, leaving clear instructions for the ordering of a new carpet.

... but when I came back (most of the damage actually now repaired without the need of gin) I decided to see what Jeeves actually said. Several ideas and suggestions. Most involve 'white spirit'. But no mention of gin.

Ever been had?

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