Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No pointing for a while

While I am not one to seek sympathy, nor invite people to feel sorry for me, I have got a very sore finger at the moment. The joint of my pointing finger is sore and inflamed. The nice nurse at the hospital said she didn't think it is broken. It could be an infection on the joint or even the onset of arthritis. (I'm getting old) I have to keep it in a sling while I am walking about, but when I am sitting down I can just prop it up with some cushions.
Driving, saying Mass and typing are not so easy to do while wearing the sling.
I can, however, drink gin in safety.


bobm512z said...

Take care of yourself! A sling seems like a bit over the top, but then again I think I broke a finger and never had it checked so its a bit bent.

Richard Poisson said...

Dear Father Pete,
You might try soaking your finger in hot salted water for a few minutes at a time. That should help relieve the infection and reduce the reovery time.

-- Richard

Shirley said...

I've tried kissing it better for you, as I want you to get better quickly...I don't like to see my sweetheart in pain, it isn't fair.......no it isn't fair he is, because it restricts him from cooking! he he! Love you really xxx

Fr Peter said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I perhaps need to explain to readers who do not know me that Shirley is my wife! I am a married Catholic priest, having received a dispensation to be ordained to the priesthood as a married man in 1997. (I was formerly an anglican clergyman).