Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ITV ... wiser than you'd think

Lewis & HathawayI've just downloaded an episode of Lewis which didn't get recorded while we are away on pilgrimage. Apparently it's about the murder of a woman bishop. (No irony there, then).

I had to get it from iTunes - and pay for it (!) - because the itv player only supports flash. Do they realise that if their site used HTML5 - and so supported the iPad- that I would be able to watch it for free?

Mm. Perhaps they do.


Anonymous said...

I saw that episode, but did not think much of it! Some other witches were not murdered in that episode!! f I remember correctly.
At least we both share a liking for Lewis.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly

Patricius said...

Much as I like "Lewis" I am afraid I tend to cringe when they do religion. The scriptwriters seem to have very little insight.

    Peter Weatherby said...

I agree! So often the writers / producers of any number of dramas seem to be off beam when it comes to including religious figures - especially those I know best, (High) Anglicans and Catholics. It varies from trivial matters (the priest is always to be found in the Church - every candle in sight is lit - kneeling before the altar usually; vesture and even sometimes liturgical responses are just wrong) to more serious errors (in ecclesiastical organisation, relationships) and just lack of authenticity (if you know what the life is like, you know this depiction is just not believable). Most seriously, of course, there are the stereotypical misrepresentations which have a malign aspect to them, protraying clergy as corrupt or depraved and ecclesiastical authorities as being involved in concealment of wrong doing.
Perhaps I should have made this a blog post!