Saturday, August 30, 2008

My speech

I haven't blogged for a while.

It has been a busy time.

It is almost 4am and I have just finished preparing my speech for my daughter's wedding which is at 12 noon tomorrow - or rather today. Much harder to do than any homily ... and probably no more memorable - unless I succeed in saying something wrong ... and that is very easy to do. Especially if you haven't slept much the night before.


I hope they find it funny.

I'm not really good at funny. I am a priest after all.


Joe said...

Now, at my brother's wedding I did the speech in French (well, apart from the last few words when I slipped into Italian instead, despite all the practising). Shouldn't a cleric, post Summorum Pontificum, be speaking in Latin?

Fr Peter said...

Ah, no, Joe - for me to speak in Latin would of course be Extraordinary.

However, speaking with my back to the people ... that is an option worth considering.