Tuesday, September 29, 2009

French cuisine

Clearly it is no easy task to cater for 1200 priests. It is a challenge even for the famous cuisine francaise. The photos which follow give you some indication of how the orgainser's oc the International Priests Retreat in Ars-sûr-Formans have risen to this challenge.

The dining tent






shadowlands said...

Mmmmm.....hasn't exactly given me an appetite for my tea Father,but it looks nutritional enough. I take it you are posting from one of your iphone gadget thingys?
Safe journey back,God bless.

Ann said...

If I wasn't a christian I would write OMG. It looks like a cross between a prison, a school and a gurdwara!! Did it taste any good?


berenike said...

Not really the mouldy-potato-a-day spirit of the holy Cure, is it?


Catherine said...

Quiche Lorraine for dinner is always nutritonal ;)

French course