Monday, July 13, 2009

Politicians or Anglican Bishops: who costs more?

Two stories reported today provide an interesting comparison.

Widely reported is the news that the 110 bishops of the Church of England cost about £22 million pounds. The CofE's General Synod are debating a proposal that this extra-ordinary cost be radically cut.

Now compare that cost with the shocking cost of our politicians. In a programme broadcast on Radio 4 this morning The Political Club, Michael Crick revealed there are now almost 30,000 paid politicians in the UK and that they cost about £500 million pounds, moats and all.

Well, it is indeed a surprise that there are so many paid politicians, but perhaps we should be grateful that MPs, MEPs, and councillors don't cost us taxpayers as much as their bishops cost the congregations of the established church. If they did, by my simple reckoning, the nation's bill for its political class would rise from £500m to £6 billion.

Never mind the moats and duck houses, that would pay for a few castles and palaces.

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