Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More open spaces ...

So, following yesterday's walk with my trusty dogs (Benedict XVI and Joseph Ratzinger) to the East of the parish, along the towpath, I decided today to travel West to explore more of the cleared sites of ST1.

I've uploaded them to the same flickr site, and you can see them added to the map.

I should emphasise again that while there are some areas of new building, and new landscaping, the sheer extent of demolition is impossible to ignore. Indeed, it is overwhelming. 

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Shirley Weatherby said...

It is very depressing living right in the centre of the city here, not to mention too, all the shops closed, some just empty in the hope they'll be new takers, others boarded up for good with the front windows and doors boarded. In a street close by yesterday, the front door was taken off by the police as they discovered what appeared to be an ordinary terraced house from the outside, was indeed a canabis factory inside. Another house in our very street all boarded up too. House prices will not only drop with the recession around here, but are probably unsalabe due to such a depressing area. No work, plenty deralict buildingscand demolished streets and open areas. I ask myself, how long do I have to look at the surroundings around me? Doescthe council care?... Well, thats another topic